From Friday December 12th till Sunday January 11th

Every year, the PBF asks some artists to express themselves on the walls.


This year, the exhibition is threefold.


1 - “Street Art and Burlesque”

Our favorite street artists are asked to perform on a 10 meter wall at the entrance of Centre Barbara Fleury Goutte d’Or. The idea is to create a common work of art mixing anarchy and collaboration. Every artist gives his personal interpretation of burlesque stripping, and how to fit it in the city scenery, on the city walls?

With : Paddy, Spray Yarps, Tristam De, Radical Utopia…


2 - Election Campaign Theme : “What if Politicians were Burlesque?”

By Seb le Bison : a selection of posters staging the candidates of the utopian campaign we all dream of.


3 - Video Installation and Pirate Intervention by SYSTAIME

This artist is a mainstay of digital arts, who has specialized in the recuperation and distortion of news footage. He is going to confront empty political speech (silence) to burlesque performance. He is also going to prepare a few pirate interventions throughout the festival on digital media.


1 rue Fleury Paris 18 - M° Barbès

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